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'The Khroma'

Prices from £750

If your looking for the ultimate show stopping package, ‘The Khroma’ detail is for you. We strive for perfection, ensuring your vehicle leaves our centre looking far superior than when it first left the showroom.


This detail will take between 5 – 7 full working days.


  • All wheels are removed and cleaned inside and out using non-acidic cleanser. Polished and treated with a special wheel protection
  • Fuel cap enclosure, wheel arches and exhaust tips cleaned
  •  Engine bay is professionally detailed
  •  Windscreen wipers cleaned
  • Pre-wash to remove any loose dirt and contaminants
  • Degreaser applied depending on vehicle inspection in order to dissolve stubborn dirt like tar and road grime
  • Snow foam and jet wash
  • Sheepskin mitt wash using PH-neutral shampoo with a grit guard system to ensure no stones or fragments are carried onto the paint
  • Hand dried using the finest microfiber cloths
  •  Exterior plastics treated
  • Tyres dressed
  • Windows cleaned
  •  Compressed air is used to dry out built up areas such as the wing mirrors, where water sits.
  •  Exhaust polished with special metal compound
  •  Vehicle is then put onto our ramp and throughly cleaned underneath
  •  Tyre pressures checked and adjusted to factory specs

Paint Correction:

  •  Clay-bar technique used to remove the build up of contamination in the paint which results in the paint surface feeling as smooth as glass
  •  The vehicle is masked off in preparation of the paint correction process
  •  4-5 Stage paint correction to remove paint imperfections, heavy swirl marks, scratches, holograms and creates a unbeatable deep gloss
  •  Alcohol is used to wipe down the vehicle to insure true correction


  •  GTECHNIQ 3-5 years Crystal Serum or 3 layers of high grade carnauba wax applied depending on your preference
  •  Windscreen is polished and treated with G1 1-2 years Clear Vison Smart Glass
  •  Glass treated with G5 to offer maximum water repellent and will keep your glass cleaner for longer


  • Carpets shampooed and vacuumed
  •  Vanity mirrors cleaned
  • Windows cleaned inside
  • Interior trim cleaned
  •  Air vents, buttons and surrounds cleaned using specialised brushes
  •  Leather or fabric seats cleaned
  •  Interior is treated and protected with GTECHNIQ L1 Leather Guard / L1 Smart Fabric
  •  Vehicle is cleaned with an anti-bacterial product, which eliminates any odours.
  •  Dry vapour treatment to permanently neutralise and remove malodours, regenerating that new car smell deep into the porous surfaces.

All work takes place in our professional detailing centre away from the elements, to ensure the best results are achieved.